Welcome to my Website

I would like to introduce myself my name is Kenny. 

For many  years I was  in the Entertainment Business

and  I was fortunate enough to travel the world.

On  my travels  I got to see some wonderful places . And as a budding photographer ,

I managed to photograph   and capture some great images .

Today as a trained   graphic artist and still a budding Photographer,

I have to managed work with  some of those images and transform  them.  

I hope you like them.



Custom Artwork

I can transform  your family  photo or  loved ones,  into a wonderful art print.

Watercolour or Oil Painting.

Send me a copy of the original.

Photo Restoration

I can restore old photos from original images  or slides.

Clean the image and repair any damaged photos.

Just send me a copy of your photo .


              Before                                              After